Frequestly Asked Questions

Before I buy plans from 295 Living can I speak with someone?

Of course!  We have real staff members who answer the phone and would love to help answer your questions about any of our house plans we have for sale.  Also, if you’re embarking on a home building journey, you can sign up for our 55 minute consultation and meet over zoom, or over the phone, with a professional contractor who will help answer any questions from site development and home print design, to the finishing touches and moving into your new home!

Can I change the house foundation on a blueprint?

If you find a house designed for a basement foundation and want to build it on a solid slab foundation, that’s simple and should not require any modifications.  The average home builder can simply make those changes without drafting a new set of prints.  Changing from a solid slab foundation to a walk-out basement, or full basement, does change the engineering of the main floor.  We recommend you speak with your local home builder and ask if they would need modified prints to make that change.  

Are these blueprints stamped by a licensed architect?

No.  Most counties around the country do not require “stamped” prints from an engineer or architect.  That requirement applies more to commercial construction projects.  Almost all counties have a local Building Department, and the permitting and inspection process is handled on a local level.  

What if my county requires my prints to be stamped?

Firstly, we highly recommend people research the permit process and requirements from the Building Department in different counties prior to buying land for a new home.  Each county will vary in the cost of permits, specific requirements, and what they allow homeowners to build on their property.  If your county requires your home prints be stamped by an engineer or architect, you can still purchase a set of prints, but you will need to send them to an engineer or architect licensed in your state.  They will then review the prints and approve (stamp) them or make any needed adjustments pertaining to your specific location.  Costs will vary greatly on this process and could range from $1,000 to $10,000.  There are many firms around the country licensed in multiple states.  You may consider shopping around if you live in a high-cost-of-living area wherein working with a local engineer could cost much more.    

Is it cheaper to buy predesigned prints or draft a new home design?

Working with a designer on a brand new home is exciting and you can get exactly what you think is best for your family.  Starting from scratch, the cost is typically higher than purchasing a home already designed by a professional home designer.  The process can also take several weeks to several months to finalize the layout, and existing plans can easily be altered with slight modifications by your builder. 

Building a house is a new concept for me, where do I even begin the process?  

We’ve all been there, and nobody can know everything about everything!  In the age of the internet, you are fortunate to have so many options at your fingertips.  We also encourage you to take advantage of our 55 minute consultation with our General Contractor.  After consultation, we will send you a coupon code to apply the cost of the consult to the purchase of a plan of your choice.  Contact us for more info. 

Does 295 Living offer contracting and building services or just the blueprints?

We offer home plans and blue prints for new home construction as well as a new build consultation for anyone in the United States.  We are not a home building contractor. 

Do I have to work with the original designer to make any modifications on my prints?

No.  Once you purchase your plans and download them, you are welcome to email them to any designer and request they modify them for you.