About Us

295 Living was birthed out of the countless phone calls we received at our building company from people who wanted to build their own home.  So many families wanted someone to help them with the process of getting a quote and answering questions about the steps required in home building.  As a builder, the first question we always ask is, “Do you have a set of Blueprints?”  Those prints are the guiding anchor for developing a quote for building a home. 

The inspiration came to us that we could help others with reasonably priced blueprints designed by talented home designers, and also offer a consultation phone call for anyone who could use a little help!

Why 295Living?

As a builder who works with blueprints on a regular basis, we know what we’re looking for, therefor we know what your builder will need, and also what they should be capable of. 

Our blueprints should be complete enough that even if you want to make some changes with your home builder, you can simply talk through a slight adjustment here or there.  Many of our plans also include an “electrical schematic” which means you will also get a diagram showing where to run power and switches.  That will help if you meet with an electrician and make a plan to map out all the wiring. 

Building a home is a beautiful combination of art and science.  There are rules for sure, but you get a lot of say-so in the process.  We want to help empower you on this exciting and adventurous journey.