295 Living Consultation

We’ve all been there, staring at a colossal project wondering where to begin, or frustrated wondering who to call to just answer that one question to get us to the next step. 
We would love to help answer some of those questions.  Here’s how it works.  Click on the calendar below and schedule a 30 minute window that works for you. 
When that time arrives, one of our General Contractors will call you and help answer questions you have related to the building process.  We understand each building situation has common elements, and is also unique to each person.  Our goal is to offer both encouragement and sound advice as you lay the road map for a new home. 
This is a big process and you do not have to feel alone. 
Just as a reminder, this is a free service we offer to anyone who purchases prints from us.  We don’t want to sell you anything else, and we don’t have a network of preferred builders.  We just want to help answer any questions you may have for any stage of your journey.  If that is something you find helpful, let us know and sign up below, we’d love to be a part of your home building journey!
Click on the calendar for available appointment times: (All calls are based on East Coast time zone)