What do you get with a Consultation?

The person you speak with during your phone call is not a blue-print designer, but an experienced home builder or tradesman with hands on understanding of building homes. 

We do this so you can have an objective personal voice who can help answer questions you may have about the process of building, site development, materials to use, or even questions about what you should look for in a good contractor. 

The home building journey is fairly tedious, but it’s very rewarding! 

Most people will not need this help, we understand that, but for the few that do, we want to offer encouragement, and a personal touch that will set you in the right direction. 

295 Living does not offer home building services and we are not a General Contracting company, so we are not looking to build your home for you.  Our phone Consultation is simply an added bonus for people who would like to get a few questions answered from somebody who has been there and walked down the home building road. 

Once you buy plans, a calendar will become available to you and all you do is sign up in a timeslot that works for your schedule.  It’s that easy!