How do I alter my blueprints? 

If you decided after downloading the prints that you want to make modifications, we recommend talking with your builder.  Plans are meant to be printed on blueprint stock but can be printed on 11×17 copier paper.

Easy Alterations:

  • Minor modifications may require a few additional steps and should involve nothing more than a discussion with your builder.
  • He/she will know if they need to be run by your building department.
  • Print an additional copy of your prints to use for sketching your ideas directly onto.

Not So Easy Alterations:

  • Structural changes are not so easy.  Still talk with your builder.  He/she and your building department will know if you need a new set of plans.
  • Find a local designer/architect who can assist you with your ideas and new prints.  Note: Additional fees will apply.
  • If needed, we can put you in touch with the architect of your plan to discuss your ideas and create a new set of plans.  Note: Additional fees will apply.